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Montreal is for lovers

Am I right or am I right or am I right? Right?

The following is a conversation I recently had with one of my friends from high school:

Me: I have no idea what I should call my blog about living in Montreal.
Her: You should call it…living in Montreal. No. You should call it Montreal is for lovers.
Me: Yeah. Wait, no. What does that expression even mean?
Her: What do you mean, what does it mean? Not much room for misinterpretation there.
Me: I know, but like, I still don’t understand it. Every place in the world is “for” lovers, right? I’m pretty sure lovers exist everywhere that people exist.
Her: I guess. I don’t know. It’s just a saying, you’re not supposed to analyze it. It’s like, ‘New York is for lovers’ or whatever. It’s a thing. I saw it on a shirt at Urban Outfitters.

And so on that hazy summer afternoon in the front seat of my station wagon I decided on the title of my blog. Not the clichéd, overused and arbitrary (though I guess, technically, accurate) “[insert city name] is for lovers” but a phrase that is completely different in every way: “Montreal is for…” (my cleverness and originality know no bounds). I plan to use the blog to chronicle my life in Montreal, including both personal entries about myself so that my family and friends (hey, Lenore!) can stay informed on my (mis)adventures and entries more specific to the city in which I will live, study and work starting on or around September 1st. I can only hope that while I’m there I’ll discover that Montreal is “for” many things, including but not limited to: food, cheese, wine, food, people who like John Hughes and appreciate American television, shoppers, eaters, hipsters (because I’m still an Emersonian at heart), stereotypical “Great White North” Canadians who like beer and hockey and calling each other hosers, really cool French Canadians, and food. Oh and lovers are okay too I guess. But fingers crossed on the food.


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