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You Stay Classy, Montreal

So I leave Montreal this week. Like, permanently. And I have mixed feelings about it. There were times when I was homesick for pizza and American Netflix and thought this day would literally never come, times when I would have given anything to be able to say that I could count on my fingers the amount of … Continue reading

Canadian Thanksgiving: A History

Okay so ever since I moved to Montreal I’ve been simultaneously confused and fascinated by Canadian Thanksgiving. I just don’t get it. This might be my inner ugly American talking, but I was under the impression that Thanksgiving was exclusively an American holiday about like pilgrims and turkey and casual Native American genocide so like … Continue reading

Poutine-age Dream

So the title doesn’t exactly make sense. But, to quote one of my all-time fave TV personalities / top models / “actors” (don’t even act like you don’t remember Life Size) Tyra Banks, SO WHAT? Let’s talk about poutine. Before I came to Montreal I’d never even heard of poutine. It’s not super popular in the … Continue reading

HEY! Here’s a Kind Of Cool Pic of Montreal.

On Friday night Aurore and I braved the pouring rain and made the trek to the CISA party at Club 737. Anyone who knows me AT ALL probably knows that I hate clubs and avoid them at all costs, but for this one I was willing to make an exception. Club 737 is located on … Continue reading

Real Issues In My Life — YOFO: You Only FROSH Once?!?!

WHAT IS FROSH? This is not a rhetorical question and I’m not asking it for dramatic effect, seriously, what is it? Why does it happen? And what are its origins? HELP. Here is what I know for sure: FROSH is kind of like the Canadian equivalent of freshman orientation…on crack…literally, I think some of the … Continue reading

Guess Who’s Back?

It’s Britney, bitch. Summer’s over and that means I’m back in Montreal for yet ANOTHER semester (srsly how long does it take to finish college???). The past four months have been pretty fun in a boring kind of way. Highlights: I watched the Olympics with little to no enthusiasm. I saw The Dark Knight Rises … Continue reading

March comes in like a fierce bitch, goes out like a lamb

Oh sweet spring. Was it not just last week that I was complaining about the frigid cold? Yeah, it definitely was. Let’s be real for a sec: everyone (people from Québec) says that Montreal is a great city to spend the winter in because like, I don’t really know why, actually. Winter festivals? Hockey? Blizzards? … Continue reading

A Snowy Weekend in Montreal

Lenore came to visit and I let her take the pictures with her camera and now the world will never see them

You’d think I would have learned from the Cape Cod Picture Debacle of 2010 that I can’t rely on Lenore to upload pictures in a timely manner. Or ever. It’s really my fault that this post will not be accompanied by cute pictures of us frolicking in the snow because I should just know better already. … Continue reading

New Year, New Semester, New Blog Posts?

I meant to post something when I first got back to Montreal about two weeks ago but obviously updating this thing in a timely manner (or ever) isn’t high on my priority list. Or is it?! No, it’s not. But it’s the beginning of the semester so I don’t have much homework yet and it’s … Continue reading

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