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Poutine-age Dream

So the title doesn’t exactly make sense. But, to quote one of my all-time fave TV personalities / top models / “actors” (don’t even act like you don’t remember Life Size) Tyra Banks, SO WHAT? Let’s talk about poutine. Before I came to Montreal I’d never even heard of poutine. It’s not super popular in the … Continue reading

Lenore came to visit and I let her take the pictures with her camera and now the world will never see them

You’d think I would have learned from the Cape Cod Picture Debacle of 2010 that I can’t rely on Lenore to upload pictures in a timely manner. Or ever. It’s really my fault that this post will not be accompanied by cute pictures of us frolicking in the snow because I should just know better already. … Continue reading

Oldies but Goodies


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